Galactic Calendars

Date Markers

  • GSC – Galactic Standard Calendar
  • GIC – Galactic Imperial Calendar
  • BBY – Before Battle of Yavin
  • ABY – After Battle of Yavin

In Short

1 Day = 24 Hours
1 Week = 7 Days
1 Cycle = 5 Weeks
1 Year = 12 Cycles

History of Calendars

During the many millennia, people have started counting and recalculating anew over and over again. Each race, planet or society has its own calendar. Therefore; we will only use the calendars that were used by the majority of the galaxy’s space traveling population.

The first notable calendar was used by the free people after the reign of the Rakata Empire. Because of the sudden disappearance of the Rakata at 500 planets at the same time, the indigenous inhabitants started all a new reckoning, without knowing of other races doing the same at the exact same time.

Because no planet has the same length of day and year, the calendars became less synchronized. With the adaptation of the Rakata hyperdrive engine, systems came relatively closer to one another, colonies were established and a standardization of time was desperately needed. Each civilization wanted their calendar and timetable to be used across the galaxy and chaos arose.

In 7,308 BBY, the Galactic Republic introduced a new Galactic Standard Calendar with the foundation of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Protectorate as the first year. Rather than using a planet’s length of a day and year, the average bio-clock or natural cycle of all known sentient beings was used. This resulted in a 24- hour day. A year consisted out of 12 cycles. A cycle had 5 weeks which in its turn had 7 days. Though the Republic’s calendar was widely used, planet’s which had not been contacted by alien races still used their own, somewhat primitive time notification.

Only 25,000 years later, a new calendar was being introduced… by force. This was the time of senator Palpatine who declared himself Emperor and the birth of the Galactic Empire had started. After the fall of Emperor Palpatine, this calendar was kept intact. This was mostly because Palpatine made sure that every remnant of the Old Republic was forgotten. Libraries were destroyed, databases erased, memory banks of droid were swept and Jedi Holocrons which were found were destroyed.

Date notifications are as follows: Date Marker Year/CycleWeek.Day. For example: GSC 24,102/011.1, or GIC 04/125.7. Because BBY and ABY are players aids it is noted as 23,000 BBY.


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