Skills are things your character learns and they can get better over time. Skills include things like blaster, dodge, starfighter piloting and brawling. A skill is listed under its attribute; each skill begins with the same die code as its attribute.

Example: Cev’s Dexterity is 3D+2. Since blaster is a Dexterity skill, Cev’s blaster skill starts at 3D+2.

You can add more dice to skills to get better at certain things. If you add one die to a skill, the number in front of the “D” increases by one.

Example: George decides to add one die to Cev’s blaster skill (a Dexterity skill). Cev’s blaster skill is now 4D+2.

You can add one or two dice to a skill, but you only have seven dice to spend on al your skills at character creation. You can’t improve every skill — you’ll have to pick the ones you think will be important!


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